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Technology & data governance for innovators

Digital innovation can be innate to a sustainable, equitable and inclusive world

We help technology-driven organisations adapt to social consciousness and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) priorities

outmanoeuvre complexity

your innovation dimmed by complexity?


innovative organisations feel pressure to address climate change, data protection, cybersecurity and technology sovereignty — exacerbating pressures of increasing costs, reduced financial appetite, supply chain disruption, and global digital competition

resource the executive leadership, cultural alignment and digital-era ways to outmanoeuvre these tensions

AI image created using Craiyon asking for “spider web in a light bulb”

classical golem tale

generative AI

today, like golem tales, generative AI is intelligent enough to understand orders from humans but is not smart enough to understand nuance or human subtleties

most golem stories end with the protagonist destroying their golem because it becomes too powerful, and they get hurt

create your golem but avoid the journey cost!

AI image created using Craiyon asking for “Golem at work”

cloud, datacentre and HPC environmental sustainability

sustainable computing

sustainability pressures are growing — most operators expect carbon emissions reporting requirements soon (only 37% report)

Systemic decarbonisation is 50 times larger than our endeavour of getting people to the moon — the era of free (virtualisation-driven) efficiency in the cloud / HPC / colocation datacentre is ending — new gains require material action! 

be prepared — grow without slowing down!

AI image created using Craiyon asking for “green AI cloud”

people need heroes - heroes need halos


cybersecurity functions have grown and evolved due to a tightening of risk tolerance, in turn due to the increasing societal consciousness for data protection - but what happens next? 


we face tensions between control and freedoms at a scale not previously encountered

people need heroes and heroes need halos!

"The Halo" by Phil Guest is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

what we do

our strategy and advisory services balance leadership, culture, and technology to outmanoeuvre the complexity wall

Innate Innovation provides strategy, education, advice & coaching on:

energy transition - sustainable computing

data protection - cybersecurity

culture & capability - retention & change management

go-to-market - procurement

applied to the specialist technology & data fields of:

cloud, colocation datacentres & high-performance computing (HPC)

people-centric / granular cybersecurity (for researchers, investors & innovators)

generative AI & predictive modelling

devops (beyond traditional technology functions)

unifying data governance & technology ecosystems

Arik Rostal, Global head of Business Development Cybersecurity, NVIDIA

"Forward thinking and innovative. Steve Quenette (founder and principal) is constantly researching and exploring ways to leverage leading technologies to tackle today’s business challenges. He was one of the first to understand and apply our revolutionary DPU technology to perform cybersecurity on advanced applications."
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